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Underfloor Heating Glasgow

Underfloor heating Glasgow is an innovative company situated in the central belt of Scotland.

Underfloor heating in the Glasgow area has been around for thousands and thousands of years. History books and archaeological researchers have proved that the Romans, when occupying Britain and more specifically Scotland, used underfloor heating to heat their Roman Baths and wealthy homes. This shows how many centuries the Romans where ahead of their time, although in the end the empire collapsed. There is a belief that the people in the Roman era were forward thinking and practical folk. Underfloor heating is considered one of their greatest inventions. On par with their aqueducts and viaducts (features also found in the area where underfloor heating Glasgow is based).

Why did the Romans like it so much?

It’s simple, underfloor heating was the easiest and most effective method of heating a building. Here’s why. A conventional heating system (A fire back in the Roman era) meant that the building/room heated from the ceiling down. In those days insulation was minimalistic to say the least. The only hot spots in the room was the roof and the part of the room that housed the fire. Introduce Underfloor heating into the equation and it’s a different story. Heating is consistent the whole floorplate and the room is heated from the ground up. Answer? Warm feet, less heat loss and a comfortable environment.

Science hasn’t changed. The same concept has been modernised and developed by companies like Underfloor Heating Glasgow. Nowadays there are many options, from electric matting to wet systems and ground source heat pump systems.

Underfloor heating has become increasingly popular in recent years. People have become more environmentally aware. Global happenings have forced us as humans to reconsider how we operate. Awareness as to our impact on Earth and nature is something that everyone should at least think about. It should influence most decisions we make. At the end of the day we may not live on for centuries, but our children and their children have to live in the environments we have created.

Underfloor heating will not solve the environmental problem but if it was to become the norm as a method to heat your home or commercial space you cannot begin to measure the impact.

Underfloor heating Glasgow was founded a long time after the Roman empire collapsed but that doesn’t mean it isn’t established enough to cope with Glasgow’s requirements. The team started with two driven men who have nurtured and grown it into a successful and thriving company reaching out to Scotland and even into England. Visit their website. Their experience with underfloor heating has taken them to exciting places and got them speaking to interesting people. The most interesting projects are presented as case studies on our dedicated website.

An interesting coincidence with the founders of Underfloor Heating Glasgow. They were both born in Bath. Situated near Bristol this beautiful town still is famous for its Roman style Public Baths. Who knows, maybe that was where the idea of an underfloor heating company was born. In a Roman Bath.


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