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Tobacco factory in Groningen closes its doors, 180 jobs are lost

The BAT Niemeyer tobacco factory in Groningen will close its doors at the end of 2022 and will transfer production to Hungary and Germany, the company announced on Thursday.

It has been rumored for some time that the British American Tobacco factory in Groningen had to close, but now it is final. A spokesperson cites a declining trend in traditional smoking and the need for tobacco manufacturers to produce new products such as vapers and electronic cigarettes as reasons for the shutdown. Best e liquids are popular. 

“The production capacity for this is already under full construction in Hungary and Germany and in the context of scaling up it is often better to centralize production in one place.” 

Agreements have been made with the unions about a good severance scheme for those who want to leave voluntarily and a budget is made available to guide employees to a new job. “We cannot say right now how many people we can help find new work as a result, but in previous reorganisations we have always been able to guide 60 to 70 percent of employees to a new job,” said the spokesman. Best e-cigaret are online for sale.

The staff will also receive a salary increase and a number of one-off payments for the next eighteen months. Preparations for the closure will start at the end of April. 

The Niemeyer factory was founded about two hundred years ago and in the beginning also made coffee and tea. In 1999 the company was taken over by the cigarette maker British American Tobacco, which produced Pall Mall among others. It currently employs 180 people.