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Solids Solutions research Delft

Industry uses very small particles in many different types of products. These particles are important, for example, for creating the right substances. Not all small (nano)particles have the same properties. They also vary in size. Solids Solutions in Delft studies these properties and has various instruments at its disposal to calculate the exact size of particles. We deal with everything to do with particle and powder technology. You can call on us, for example, if you get stuck in the development of a specific product. We will then search for the problem and come up with a suitable solution. 

Measuring the settling velocity of nanoparticles

To determine the size of nanoparticles, we use the sedimentation method. In the case of sedimentation nanoparticles are added to a liquid so that the speed at which the particles sink can be measured. This speed says something about the size of the particles. During the sedimentation process, we shine X-rays on the particles at certain heights and in certain time intervals. This way, a lot of time can be saved and still very accurate measurements can be made.

Analyzing the scattering pattern

In the case of powders, the size of the particles can be measured by means of dynamic light scattering. In this method, the powder is scattered in a certain medium, creating a scattering pattern. We can observe this pattern by shining a laser beam on it. The pattern that emerges and its interaction with light depend on the properties of the particles, such as size, shape and surface roughness. A lot of information about these properties can therefore be obtained from the scattering pattern. Would you like more information about the research we carry out at Solids Solutions? Take a look at our website or contact us.