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Let’s see how Sergio keeps his clients longer. After the inspection, Sergio realized that giving customers more personalized attention would encourage them to return multiple times over the next few years. He brainstormed and came up with several ways to do this. When his customers are about to celebrate their birthdays, he will send them “25% discount” packages, which include discounts for luxury mobile or web application development or custom designs. He will also create a loyalty program that will give customers a 25% discount when they exceed the critical 2-year mark and return to his company in the third year.

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When your car can be traded in, it is useful to be aware of a number of things. When you go to the dealership to trade in your car, make sure you clean your car. A good car will usually get you a better trade-in than a car that looks neglected. To determine in advance what a good trade-in price is, you can look around on the internet. Find listings for similar cars with similar mileage and age and see average prices for cars that change hands. With a 20% discount on this price you have a great trade-in price for your car. Take this into account in your own budget.

A very good alternative to a new car is a young used car. This used car, which is a year or two old, has already had a good part of the depreciation and therefore falls into a completely different price range. Buying an Opel of 50 grs is worth just over half after two years. This way you can get a luxury car with many options that drives almost as well as brand new. The disadvantage of young used cars is that they will still have high depreciation over the next two to three years. So take credit for the fact that when you resell this car, you have to make a hefty concession to the price you paid for the car at the time.

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