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Full body circuit Ronaldo –

Juventus star Cristiano Ronald, 34, is still at his best. as? That’s thanks in part to the extra steps he’s taken to stay in top form in international football, where he (and of course his support team) employ all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques to keep him in top form.

Real Madrid football player who was awarded the title of the best male athlete in the world,

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nutrition Plan

Ronaldo reportedly follows a “less but often” diet — eating smaller, more frequent meals on a regular basis throughout the day — with supplements every three to four hours, which helps him support muscle growth and metabolism to keep going. For this example, he divides his food intake into six smaller meals, eaten 2-4 hours. Not only does this maintain a constant and optimal metabolic rate, it also prevents the body from feeling weak and hungry throughout the day. Crucially, this approach also kept his body fat percentage extremely low.


“Eating often,” Ronaldo said. “When you’re exercising regularly, it’s important to keep your energy levels high for your body to perform better. I sometimes eat up to six small meals a day to make sure I have enough energy to complete each session at the highest level. “


Whole grains, fresh fruit, lean protein (swordfish, sea bass,  cod, other fish) are all part of Cristiano’s careful meal plan, along with plenty of salads. There are also protein shakes and joint supplements that also help restore muscle after a high-intensity workout or soccer game.


As for taboos, Ronaldo’s former teammates noted that he avoided carbonated drinks and red meat or frozen meals. Another easy way to eliminate hidden calories. “Drinking water is very important,” Ronaldo affirmed.


As for his favorite dish? Called Bacalhau à Brás, it tops a pile of scrambled eggs with salted cod, onions, thinly sliced ​​baked potatoes, black olives and parsley.



Cheese, ham, low-fat yogurt, fruit and avocado toast

Juice and coffee: According to Le10Sport, being Portuguese, especially from Madeira, Ronaldo loves fruit and juice. Ronaldo’s preferences include pear, apple and pineapple juice, but he’s also a big fan of coffee.


Sardines: Ronaldo loves fish so much that he even incorporates it into his own dishes, such as taking sardines straight from the can and pouring them on fresh bread.

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Sports Drinks: “I drink sports drinks to stay hydrated, which gives me energy for training and competition. It has a variety of carbohydrates that increase endurance and is lower in sugar than many other sports drinks. It also Contains electrolytes to support hydration and vitamin B12 to fight fatigue.”


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Seafood: Ronaldo loves fish, his favorites are snapper, swordfish and sea bass.

Steak and Salad: For Ronaldo, it’s not just fish, he also loves steak. In fact, he often orders steak and salad when he eats out.


Chocolate: No matter how otherworldly his football skills, Ronaldo is still human and loves chocolate.

Birthday cakes: He was spotted on social media delving into birthday cakes on rare occasions.

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Full body circuit Ronaldo

Full body circuit Ronaldo