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A key goal of marketing attribution is to provide a better view of the performance of marketing

You’re trying to figure out how marketing channels affect your customers, but you’re not sure how. I’ll tell you how to apply marketing attribution! Marketing attribution will give you a better view of your marketing channels and the performance of the attribution models in this journey. Using these insights, you can optimize your campaigns and ad spend distribution over various channels and view them from a holistic perspective instead of separately. Customer journey attribution is the fastest way to the secret of online marketing.


The goal of applying marketing attribution is to get a holistic view of the effectiveness of your marketing channels, which can be seen as the effectiveness of your traffic sources within the online 

realm of marketing. This helps marketers understand the full customer journey and optimize their marketing campaigns and ad spend distribution. Thanks to these insights into the full customer journey, companies can optimize marketing channels and look at their marketing spend in greater detail. 


How do you decide which attribution model to use? It all depends on your business and customer base. Before making an attribution model decision, keep in mind that there is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Seek to find the attribution model that best fits your organization and customers. Take your time to explore the different options, because it could differ depending on the yearly or monthly calendar. No one attribution model fits all businesses. For example, some models may be more suited for losing customers while others are more suited for winning them back. Understanding the different models is key to understanding the best way to manage your business. It can also vary depending upon the time frame of your campaign, for example during a discounted sale. Single-touch and multi-touch attribution models each have their own uses. Single-touch models only credit the first interaction in the customer journey, for example for a mobile commerce site, click-throughs from search ads. Multi-touch models credit more than one touchpoint in the customer journey, such as for mobile e-commerce, after click-throughs from search ads and then an order completion. Below is an image that shows some of the most popular attribution models.



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