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A different liqueur for each bite


Have you ever been to a party where they serve very delicious appetizers and liquors? You get an explosion of flavors and go home wondering what you’ve had. The next time you host a party, you want your guests to experience the same thing. They should also get a taste explosion and be eager to know exactly what you made and pour. Just which liquor goes exactly with which bite?


What flavors do you like?

Before you start looking at what kind of flavors go together, you need to look at what you want to focus on. Would you like to find appetizers that a liqueur goes with, or do you just want a certain liquor anyway that you will look for an appetizer to go with later. That is question number one. It may seem easier to pick a liquor that an appetizer goes with, because then you can make anything from food, but the other way around is certainly possible too! If you look in the assortment of Dutch Expat Shop, you will see that the range of liquors is huge, which means that it is also fine to choose a snack first and then look at what kind of drink goes with it, since there are so many different flavors!


Choose one strong flavor

Strong flavor with a strong taste is not the best combination. For example, you should think of garlic appetizers. This already releases an enormous amount of flavors and these are often very overpowering. If you take a liquor flavor after this, it also has a very strong taste. These flavors will work against each other rather than well together. So, make sure not to take two strong flavors in a row. So with a garlic roll, it is best to choose whiskey or vodka. These are strong drinks, but do not have a very strong taste, which means you can have a nice liquor and still enjoy the garlic roll. Match a strong liquor with a full stomach To make sure the drink is not too heavy on people, make sure you match strengths. If you have a strong alcohol content next to it for the next bite, make sure they also have a big bite. A few nuts won’t do them much good then. Think of a piece of wrap with salmon in it or a baguette with egg salad. For the lighter liquors, you can opt for a small appetizer. This way you make sure people don’t feel tipsy after the first bite and don’t want to try more after that. If you look at dutch liquors, you quickly see that the range is huge. That means there are all kinds of different flavors and brands that you can combine food with. Do you go for a fresh liquor like lime or lemon? Then you can very well choose a slightly sweeter snack. The other way around works very well, too. If you choose a sweet liquor such as caramel or strawberry, then it’s better to pair a fresher snack with it. When you have an appetizer that has a lot of different flavors, then, as just mentioned, you put a light drink opposite. And did you know that you can mix a heavy liquor very well with greasy food? All facts you can use to give your guests a taste explosion!