Your Liebherr WTes 5872 at Cavepromotor UK

Liebherr WTes 5872 Vinidor has a inhibitor on the door, this instead of the two climate zone cabinets. Many people want to still like having a door inhibitor, because this is a softer way of door locking. In the UK, there is only one specialist who this door inhibitor can mount and in stock. This company has Cavepromotor. Cavepromotor is therefore not just aLiebherr specialist. They have specialised only in Liebherr and Liebherr. This ensures that there are also post afterpurchasing a wine Cabinet advice can be given about the optimal serving and storage of wine. They provide as sole supplier in the Uk the Vibration Reduction Blocks. These ensure that ambient vibrations are reduced. They also supplystandard a digital hygrometer. When a quotation is created, is the starting point that the installation is carried out by Cavepromoter. This is not an obligation and the customer may also do this. Only when there is a door needs to be turned around, the deurrem should be placed or if the wine Cabinet between two appliances or walls, then it is very practical to have this done by Cavepromotor. It would be a shame if the wine Cabinet is damaged by improper install. This Cabinet isfully implemented in stainless steel. 

Why Vibration Reduction Blocks
The vibration Reduction Blocks have as a function to reduce the ambient vibrations. These are caused by passing traffic, closing doors, the merger of a staircase and other vibration-causing elements.

Digital hygrometer
The humidity in your wine Cabinet should not be too late. This will shrink the Cork leaving air and bacteria can invade your bottle. How to use the hygrometer should use, explains in the supply of the wine Cabinet. It is important that you knowwhat you are measuring.

Filter Alert Service
Cavepromotor has on its service desk the Filter Alert Service furnished. Worldwide, customers are notified when it is timeto place a new Active carbon filter. Do you do this, incoming air in the wine Cabinet no longer filtered. The filter saturatedand let polluted air by. Replacing of the filter is simple to do and the filter does not cost much. If the customer wishes canbe sent to the filter, so that one no longer to have to think. Another advantage is that always the right type number is sent to you. This is kept for you in the central system of Cavepromotor.

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