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A Liebherr wine fridge is the most beautiful thing there is for wine lovers, but also for not wine lovers. During the monthly meeting of pigeon fanciers in our area, always nice because it is in the village pub and after the formal part is exchanged much informationwhile enjoying a beer, came a nice conversation on about the benefits of a wine fridge. The formal part actually takes far too long, some drivers find themselves rather important and should also like to talk. So it’s up, when we hear again how good our region did in the races and how well we are organized. Then as always the enumeration of the figures, the accountant is slow and boring, and nobody listens and nobody is interested, but we have to get through it. Last fixed point is always Jubilees, deceased and any new members. You will be surprised that there is still so much enthusiasm for the pigeon sport. It is different from before, when were the real workers who had taken pigeons to switch from a day of hard labour and liked it in the club to talk about the pigeons with matches. And of course to participate in pigeon races to earn some money back to the pigeons. There was also a lot of talk about own feedexperiments and the like. Nowadays it is more businesslike, the real worker of the past no longer exists, more and more different people in other professions has become more commercially milking now pigeons and it is. Dietary supplements are become standard, there is almost no more experimented with diet, and the races are slow professional events. It is now also to really a lot of money. Rich Chinese buy manygood pigeons for a lot of money away, it’s really different. One thing has remained the same, the togetherness, you will notice time and again at the monthly meeting (actually especially after the meeting while enjoying a glass of beer). Back to the last meeting, as I said, we all look forward to the meeting because of the beer and chatting among themselves after the meeting formally terminated. I was pretty, had a dove from me the race last Sunday from Dijon won. That was not only a huge sporting achievement, but for me a nice sum of money (5,000.0-Euro I catch not every Sunday). Then always ask what I had done, especially if I had done something different with the feed anyway, or I the male “sharp” had made with a female, etc. I have to say I had done anything special, it’s just a good pigeon, the 1st Chinese has already reported to me. Slowly I managed to get a little attention away from me and the conversation on another topic. Two weeks back I was a long weekend in England, in the town of Cornwall, on visit of an acquaintance of mine from the pigeon sport. We sat inhis tribe ´ evening pub and drunk there a Guinness beer. Of course we talked aboutpigeons. But what pleases me as good to him, he’s a friend, created by our commonhobby, the pigeons, but we should just each other. After the pigeons, we began to talk about vacations, he has never been outside of England and wanted this summer for the first time to France, Spain or South, he was crazy about wine. A friend of himin Cornwall imported French wines and had made him crazy for France. And another known of him in Cornwall, also a member of the darts club, acted in French cheeses, also who had convinced him that France would be an ideal holiday country for him.I never want to impose my opinion, the best discovered someone someone something themselves or he goes there looking, but in this case I could not keep my mouth.We always drink in Cornwall in the local pub Guinness beer, I do this out of courtesy, but actually tastes like me not at all. I am also a wine lover, and should sayeven somewhat wine connoisseur, encouraging French wines. So I told him that France spontaneously would be ideal for him. Because he absolutely Sun wanted was SouthFrance a perfect holiday destination. The surrounding area is beautiful, the food is good, they also have delicious cheese and French wine enough. I introduced him that we should drink a glass of Bordeaux instead of Guinness beer.The pub bought wine in at the known wine merchant, so the pub had good wines. So our conversation turned from pigeons, via French cheeses and holiday in southernFrance to wines. There you can always talk about it and it also tastes even delicious.My friend also revealed a considerable connoisseur, that makes a bit more pleasantas ´ n call always, you know both what it is about and you have both a fair and trueview. He had a weird taste, red bordeaux and Picpoul de Pinet were his favourite wines. Those were two wines that are very far apart what the taste. Moreover, due to the Picpoul de Pinet was the idea of holidays in South France quite perfect, the wine comes from the Languedoc. He said he also had a Liebherr wine fridge for a year and that he was very satisfied. The wine fridge was standing in the kitchen and lay the basis for Council in his cellar wines. In his wine fridge in the kitchen layers usually so´ n 150 bottles of white wine and when he visit, he set about a ½ hour before the visit would arrive, a few bottles of red wine in the wine fridge. Then it was the red wineslightly below the optimum room temperature of 17 degrees. You can serve the wine better than a small tap too cold too hot, your hands can easily adjust. I was with him and suddenly he told me something else what he did also with the wine fridge. When a race was also 30 minutes before the flight, he stopped the pigeons in the wine fridge, then they flew to get faster to the weather is warm. Back in Netherlands, I direct a wine fridge bought and last Sunday he had already proven. I told this of course not on the pigeon club. But the fact was after a ½ hour wine fridge had already recouped the investment my Dove. And my wine fridge was my secret weapon.

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