Liebherr WTes 5972 with 2 temperature zones

A Liebherr WTes 5972 Vinidor purchase means that you the possibility of a total of 211 bottles of wine to store. The bottles must be the size of a bordeaux bottle. Since the two separated compartments WTes 5972 has, you have to keep in mind with 68 bottles in the top compartment and 146 bottles in the bottom compartment. The wine Cabinet is made of stainless steel and has a brilliant design what for Liebherr a Reddot award.

The WTes 5972 has a vibration-free compressor when the ripening process of your winesSince you do not have a wine cellar, but a wine Cabinet, state this in an environment where people and traffic pass. These elements provide ambient vibrations. These vibrations through the legs on which the wine Cabinet, passed to the wines. These elderly people as a faster than anticipated. Cavepromotor has engineers put to work to a sure problem is eliminated. The result are the Vibration Reduction Blocks. Under this wine Cabinet must be placed 5 blocks. Also under the door is a Block placed, because this has a weight of 45 Kg. 

Air filter 
To the air in a Liebherr wine cooler has optimal keep Liebherr a active carbon filter built in. An ingenious solution that all unwanted odors outside your wine Cabinet. However, many owners of a Liebherr wine Cabinet are not aware that they have to replace every year. When a wine Cabinet or carbon filter via Cavepromotor is purchased, the customer is included in the Filter Alert Service program. This means that annually is sent a message that it’s time to replace the filter. Via the email is sent and a payment link after payment is the new carbon filter on the post. With the proper administration one gets always the right filter.

Air humidity
The humidity in a wine Cabinet must be between 50% and 75%. This prevents the corks dry out or that the labels are moldy. Cavepromotor when supplying a wine Cabinet automatically provides a digital hygrometer. The advantage of this hygrometer is the accuracy. An analog can vary over time. This does not apply to digital hygrometer.

Door change
Changing the door closure is easier said than done. If you have only a few times in your life are buying a wine Cabinet, then it makes more sense to swap out by an expert. In The Netherlands and Belgium, the door exchanged in the workshop of Cavepromotor, after which the wine Cabinet on transport.

Cavepromotor works troughout the UK, USA, Belgium, Germany, France and The Netherlands. The company is succesful instead of other sales organisation because there roots are in the wine industry. So how can you please a wine lover? Give him or her a great bottle of wine. The problem with the EU is that there are excise duties to pay. With the Brexit coming up nobody can tell what the effect will be on the excise.

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