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Explore new ways to increase the milk production in your farm’s cows

Milk production in cows is rather important, especially when you own a dairy farm and want to increase your yields. Kimtec International has over 25 years of experience with the development of various feed additives to improve the health of your cattle. Years of research have led to a various range of products, with KatAn® as the most important product. The KatAn® product line consists of highly effective ammonium chloride that can be mixed with the feed of your cattle. In short, it is responsible for an increase in milk production in your dairy cows.

Use anionic salts to improve the health of your animals

Would you like to know more on how to increase milk production in cows? Kimtec International provides you with all the answers you need! The KatAn® product line uses the Masktech technique to make the additive more palatable for the cattle. In this way, you are sure the animals will be fed correctly. By using these anionic salts and ProGlyc®, you can prevent milk fever and harmful ketosis in your herd. Milk fever happens when your dairy cows do not have enough calcium to provide for themselves and for their calves. They will use up all their reserves to provide the calf with all the nutrients they can spare, but they ‘forget’ themselves in the process. This results into milk fever and, if untreated, early death of your cattle.

Schedule your appointment with one of their leading developers

If you need a state-of-the-art solution when you want to increase the milk production in your cows, make sure to contact the experts over at Kimtec International. During a one-to-one session with one of their developers, you will discover what your cattle needs in order to achieve higher yields in milk production. Do not wait any longer and book your appointment now! You can find the contact information on their website.